It’s in the timing- When to schedule your newborn session

There are so many exciting and adorable details to plan during your pregnancy. Choosing nursery furnishings and decorations, determining which stroller fits your family, picking and installing car seats….there are so many decisions involved in the arrival of your wee one.

It may feel that choosing a photographer to take those precious new baby pictures is one thing that can wait- at least until after baby arrives, right?

Honestly? No!

And there’s a very good reason for that.

Photography is very personal art- every photographer has a unique shooting and editing style. Your new arrival will only be this new for such a short time- take the time to start looking early in your pregnancy to find a photographer whose style speaks to you. Then, interview! Safety is an absolutely vital aspect of newborn photography. Any newborn photographer should be willing and able to walk you through the steps they take to keep your infant safe and comfortable during  your session.

For my clients, I encourage you to contact me around 30 weeks. I like to meet with you (or have a nice phone chat) to discuss your expectations, go over how the session will go, and discuss if there are any special props or set ups you are interested in for your session. We will schedule your maternity session (if you’re having one) for between 34-36 weeks. We want to celebrate that beautiful baby bump!

By scheduling your newborn session that early, I am able to space my schedule in a way that allows me the flexibility to give you the best possible experience- because we all know that babies operate on a clock of their own.

Based on your due date and your doctor’s expectations, we will plan for your newborn session to happen when baby is less than 10 days old. In that first week and a half, baby is much more likely to be content with sleeping while we pose and photograph- giving us the best chance to get the image that you love on your wall.

My sessions book several weeks in advance and I maintain a limited availability to guarantee that I can accommodate baby’s unexpected timing. If you are considering me for your maternity and newborn session, please take a moment now and let me know. I can’t wait to meet your and your little one!




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