Violetta doesn’t know what she would do without her camera.

She loves morning light, long walks and going new places. Short hair and blond are her way to go. Born in Poland, living in America in Bucks County, PA makes her so happy. Blessed with a quirky blond haired son, he keeps her on her toes. She is a dark chocolate lover while her favorite color is white and she tends to wear too much pink. Life is unpredictable. There is so much you can plan. Perfectionist only in her photography, ask her what her favorite photograph is, she will reply 'The one I'm going to take tomorrow.'

 She would love to meet you so show up with your heart. She can't wait to meet it. 


What Clients say about ViolettaB. Photography:

"How lucky for Bucks County, Pa, Newtown, Pa, Philadelphia, Pa., and Princeton, N.J. We are going to miss you so much here. You did an AMAZING job with our maternity photos and Abigale's newborn photos. I mean let's face it - you made me look beautiful in my third trimester, even though I was extremely swollen and exhausted. Now that’s talent. It was so sweet of you to check-in on us when Abigale was born so that we could schedule the perfect time to capture her sweet photos. Now I know how you get such beautiful photos of newborns – you are the baby whisperer! It was nice of you to let me feed her during the session too, even though we were taking up your time. You are more like working with a professional friend than a business, and I appreciate that. Thank you for taking my preferences and running with them. Your photographs surpassed my expectations, gracefully capturing a time in our life we never want to forget. I am so sad you won’t be here to take Abigale’s 6 month photos. I know you will be a blessing to many families on the East Coast, just like you were here. XOXO"

-Melissa Buckley 

"Wonderful Photographer! I have worked with Violetta professionally and personally. Her photos always turn out so much better than the ideas I have in my mind. She is creative and knows how to use her equipment well. My favorite wall in our home in Newtown, Pa is filled with Violetta's photography!

-Missy Lum 

My husband and I chose ViolettaB. Photography to capture two of the most important times in our lives, our maternity session and five weeks later, our newborn photo session. I cannot begin to describe what a total dream Violetta was during both sessions, but especially our son's first studio sitting. It is difficult, I'm sure, for any mother to willingly hand over her 5 day old and trust that he is safe in their arms, but I had every confidence as Violetta rocked him, soothed him, and posed him so delicately. We positively adored our maternity photos, but the sneak peek of our newborn photos that Violetta graciously produced less than 24 hours before loading up her entire home to move from MO to Bucks County PA was far beyond our expectations. Her artistic eye, attention to detail, and superior mastery of her tools are nothing short of noteworthy, and we were so thrilled to see her truly capture our sweet baby boy. We are so heartbroken that Violetta has left MO, but selflessly thrilled for the Newtown, PA area as they will be so privileged to gain such talent. I would recommend Violetta B. Photography to anyone wishing to truly preserve a moment in time through the lens of such a gifted artist.

-Ashley Najarian 

"I will never regret her encouragement that we use professional photographers to invest in larger prints like this canvas! I will be so sad you are not here to do our redeployment photographs!!!!!

-Julie K. Golinghorst 

"Violetta was incredible to work with, from start to finish we had a wonderful experience, she was so patient and professional, what I loved the most was the uniqueness of the photos, all the different backgrounds, baby accessories and the different poses, I've sent the pictures to our family and everybody loved them. We couldn't be more happy"

-Patty Recio Diday 

"Violetta has an incredible talent for capturing memories in a naturally beautiful way. The images we received will allow us to cherish this time in our family's life for years to come. Thank you to ViolettaB. Photography!"

-Sarah Boggs 

"I love our family pictures! Thank you ViolettaB. Photography!!!! Violetta is a lovely person and her pictures are beautiful! So bummed that she is moving to Bucks County PA! She will capture many beautiful images for her clients in Newtown, PA and Princeton. NJ area....

I highly recommend her!"

-Meagan Reid