How to choose your outdoor portrait location

At an outdoor portrait session, the location itself is like a extra family member. It sets the stage, and can have a huge impact on the general feel of a session.

I love to shoot outside. In Missouri, I’ve enjoyed warm temperatures perfect for shooting 9 months out of 12. I love the rich green of spring grass, finding lost park paths and bushy wooden backgrounds for texture. Rivers are always a favorite, despite requiring some caution (especially with young children).

I have 2 favorite spots for sessions in Missouri. A local park and a hidden gem  tucked away in the woods with access to a tall grass field- perfect for scenic sunsets.

Sometimes, a location doesn’t look terribly appealing to my clients. But I see the potential in beautiful trees with branches reaching out to create a natural frame; old logs or big rocks offering a seat; old walls serving as a hard contrast a child’s gentle hug.

As a photographer, I’ve learned to see where  light transforms a simple field to a dramatic backdrop. Everything looks a little different  through the camera’s lens and my job as your photographer is to find the right setting for your family or child.

What type of location do you enjoy for your family portraits?

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